Season 2: Episode 2 SPOILERS

I know that I’m about 3 weeks behind in posting this. But, no excuses from me!

In this episode we meet one Jeff’s former law firm friends, Alan Connor. Hanging with Alan Connor is everything that Jeff used to be. That means full of questionable morals, a party animal, and a guy that doesn’t care about anybody except for getting moolah! Jeff decides that he misses that old life and wants back in. So, he neglects his new friends to hang out with Alan Connor and even hurts their feelings saying that he doesn’t want to be with them and be a caring person. Annie, who used to be in narcotics anonymous, remembers that Alan confessed to being the one who turned Jeff Winger into the Bar Association, which got him fired from his job. The friends decide to go on a wild adventure to prove to Jeff that his “friend” Alan Connor is not really his friend.

The struggle with the way Jeff used to be pre-Greendale College and the way he his now as a student at Greendale, seems to be a common plot conflict. I sometimes ask myself if this is a plot that is “getting old”. However, I think that this is necessary to see. Old Jeff Winger was a man just like Alan Connor. He lied through his teeth about anything and everything. He didn’t allow himself to feel or care about other people. And the most important thing to him was maintaining his fast life style. As cheesy as it sounds, I think that season one of Community was all about Jeff learning the power of friendship. And, as we have seen, Jeff has had a few lapses into his “old” ways. I think this episode is one of those lapses. But, if this becomes a common plot in the rest of the season then I think that it will become annoying and cliché.

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4 Responses to Season 2: Episode 2 SPOILERS

  1. Meredith says:

    I agree. I hope they mix up the plot a bit and don’t keep going back to his character struggle. I wonder how much they can develop this show though before they graduate… Nice analysis! I’d like to hear what you think about the other episodes this season but no rush, haha.

  2. My roommates deleted my recorded episodes for my show I know how you feel. I like the perspective in your analysis though, its a good critical voice.

  3. ugaoneill says:

    Good insight, I would like to see more pictures to brighten up the layout like you had in earlier posts.

  4. Chloe says:

    You mentioned in your previous post that Drew Carey was a guest star on this week’s episode. Was the character of Alan Connor played by Drew Carey? If I assumed correctly, then I have a hard time picturing Drew as a snarky lawyer because I just remember him on television as a funny and relatively jovial guy. It sounds from your post, however, that he did a good job portraying such a character.

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