Episode 4: Basic Rocket Science

City College, Greendale’s rival college, is planning to unveil a state of the art space shuttle simulator. At the fear of being “outdone” by his rival, Dean Pelton decides to get his own spaceship simulator before City College does. “Greendale will be the first community college to pretend to put a man in space!” Where exactly does he get this space shuttle simulator? Well, “in 1980, the county museum had a state of the art simulator sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken called the Kentucky Fried Chicken Eleven Herb Space Experience. In order to make the simulator beautiful for the grand opening, the Dean makes the gang clean the simulator in “atonement” for submitting an obscene flag as the school flag. The design they submitted was of a butthole. It was voted on by the student body and became the student flag. Everybody assumes that it was the prudish Annie who told the Dean that the flag was a butthole.

One of the plot devices used in this specific episode and many classic television shows is “trapped in a space”. That’s what happens in this episode. The gang ends up getting trapped in the 1980s space simulator. Not only are they trapped inside, the simulator gets stolen and dropped off in an abandoned space. Can the gang find their way back to Greendale in time for Greendale to be the first Community College to pretend to put in a man in space?!

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One Response to Episode 4: Basic Rocket Science

  1. Jess says:

    I love your synopsis, you do a great job of re-capping and informing those who were unable to watch this episode more aware of what exactly happened. I do think that you should analyze the show a little more, rather than summarizing the show’s events. Also, revealing the resolution would be helpful too because now I have no idea if they successfully accomplished the mission or not.

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