Episode 5: Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples

In this episode, Shirley, a devout Christian, wants Abed to make a film about Jesus for her. He reluctantly decides to do it, but he decides to put a twist on the message and decides to make a movie about Jesus making a movie about making a movie…and so on. As all Hollywood television plots, this one also contains a subplot. The subplot is all about Pierce. He realizes that there is a huge age and cultural gap between him and everyone else in the group. He decides to start hanging out with some rather “non-traditional” students…or just plain old people. Even though this episode is 21 minutes long, it still follows the typical 3 act plot structure, and commercials break up these acts.

Abed as Jesus making a movie about Jesus making a movie about making a movie...

Abed continues to be a shining star in this series. For this episode his role took on a sort of role reversal characteristics, but of course with classic Abed-isms. Neither the main plot or the subplot follow any common plot devices for comedy shows. And yet, it was still predictable. That didn’t make it any less funny.

 The first scene of the episode pokes fun at videos such as Antoine Dodson’s famous Bed Intruder video and  auto-tuning of popular Youtube videos. Most of the jokes in this show, and episode, are based on modern day cultural references.

 Being an episode about faith, some may argue that this episode is too religious. Others may argue that it is blasphemous and makes Christians look bad. Whatever the argument may be, the religious humor was in good taste and should not be offensive to anybody. In the very end of the episode both Abed and Shirley both get their prayers answered in the end. Last season also had an episode devoted to religion. However, the two episodes are only similar in that fact, they are totally different with totally different plot structures.

 John Oliver’s character Professor Ian Duncan is particularly hilarious in this season and episode . Since the old Anthropology Professor, played by Betty White got in trouble for trying to kill Jeff Winger, Professor Ian Duncan is now the interim Anthropology professor. His lack of Anthropology knowledge is a running gag for the show. In this episode he spent his class period looking at YouTube videos.

 Like most Community episodes, this was a pretty hilarious episode. This episode and  television show are ones that is recommended to anyone who loves to poke fun at modern popular culture, slapstick comedy, playful banter, and witty one-liners.

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One Response to Episode 5: Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples

  1. libby6789 says:

    Too. Darn. Funny. This show really cracks me up. Your voice really shines through and I love reading your posts!! Keep it up!

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