Episode 6: Epidermiology

I can’t figure out how to upload youtube videos, but watch this short clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXYUn5BOgHA&feature=related

The Halloween Episode! This was probably one of the most entertaining episodes of the season. The plot? ZOMBIES! During a Halloween party at Greendale the students become infected by ingesting a bio-hazardous material that Dean Pelton purchased at an army surplus store. He thought it was taco seasoning.  Once the students get infected they get pale, delirious, and have a strong desire to bite human flesh. The “sickness” is then transferred through bite. After a call from the army, Dean Pelton quarantines the whole school by locking everybody in: the infected with the non-infected. An apocalyptic zombie adventure ensues.

 What makes this episode so hilarious is the absolute absurdity of it. Everybody is dressed up in ridiculous Halloween costumes, the infected and non-infected alike. The juxtaposition of wacky, colorful costumes running around in the dark halls of Greendale  with the music of ABBA playing in the background is beautiful.

There was an awkward 2 minutes that didn’t really flow with the story. When Jeff, Troy, and Abed go down to the basement together, there is a strange cat that is bouncing all over the place. Instead of trying to save their peers, Jeff decides that he wants to catch it first…Why in the hell would he want to do that? What purpose does it serve? After watching this episode twice, I still don’t get it.

 Favorite part of the episode? Seeing Troy run around without a shirt on. He has a wonderful body. J

Favorite line: “Troy, make me proud. Be the first black man to make it to the end.” And indeed, Troy is the one to save the day, being the last one to survive.

If you never watch an episode of Community, watch this one.

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One Response to Episode 6: Epidermiology

  1. paigeski says:

    Totally love your writing voice – very conversational. Also love the “favorites” section!

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