In this episode the girls, Britta, Annie, and Shirley take a class Women’s Study class. Abed, decides that he wants to also take this class with them. The girls make it clear they don’t want him in there with them, until they see that he has the super ability to insult the popular, bitchy means girl played by Hilary Duff. In the sub plot, Jeff and Troy find a secret trampoline nestled in a secret garden on the school grounds.

Hilary Duff guest starred in Community.

I enjoyed this episode a lot, but it seemed to be different in a way from other episodes, specifically in the sub-plot. Joshua, the trampoline’s tells Jeff and Troy that garden where the trampoline is located is “a place of peace and balance, a place for nourishment, a place free from darkness.” As Jeff and Troy jump, they become so relaxed that they are no longer themselves. Jeff goes as far as to wear a pair of UGG boots because they are so comfortable. Jeff Winger would never be caught dead wearing UGG boots.

Jeff in peaceful ecstasy.

Once Britta and the girls discover that Abed can throw insults at every female that passes them, they decide to use him as revenge against all the females that were bitches them. But in doing so, they, and Abed, become the bitches. Britta’s character is pretty stereotypical liberal, feminist. I find it ironic that she would get caught up in becoming a “bitch and allowing Abed to insult people and their imperfections.  It seems to go against the girl who encourages people to  embrace themselves for their uniqueness and individuality. But I think it works for the purposes of the story it shows that the bullying cycle can affect anybody.

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4 Responses to Episode 7: AERODYNAMICS OF GENDER

  1. dwarms says:

    I agree with your analyze; the structure of this episode was different but a good different. And I loved the sub-plot with Jeff and Troy and the trampoline! It was so funny!

  2. mrmastapp says:

    You did the show a great justice with this blog. I was able to read it and laugh because of the great descriptions you gave. Also, the blog was a perfect length I feel. It was short enough to keep my attention, but long enough for me to get all the information that was necessary. Well blogged.

  3. thadcar says:

    I’ve been really curious to see your thoughts on this episode, because, as I told you in class, I really didn’t like it. I love Community…a lot…but this episode just didn’t do it for me. Brita, Jeff, Troy, and even Abed seemed way out of character, and that’s not what I want to see.

  4. Gabby says:

    Bullying seems to be the topic of a lot of TV episodes lately with what we’ve been seeing in the news. I like that this episode shows a different take with the bullied becoming the bullies. Also, I forgot to mention that I like the title of your blog and the photo used as your header!

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