Episode 9: Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

In this episode, Dean Pelton accuses Jeff of making up a fake class called Conspiracy Theories just to get a free credit taken by Professor Professorson. But for some reason a man who Jeff has never seen before claims to be Professor Professorson. Who is this Professor Professorson and why is he claiming to be Jeff’s teacher? Is it a grand conspiracy? In the “B” line plot Troy and Abed try to make the biggest fort ever!

Although not the funniest episode I’ve seen this season, it was still great. One of the things I love about this show is that although its plot lines are pretty bizarre, they are consistently bizarre and always work with the characters. For instance, Jeff didn’t care that a strange man who he never met corroborated his story of taking a night class called Conspiracy Theories, as long as he received a free credit. Annie on the other hand, wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery. And Troy and Abed building a fort town complete with ethnic sections is hilarious. However, there was one scene in which Annie starts to roll around on the floor in the middle of the hallway exclaiming all the things she would “blow off”. It doesn’t seem to me that the prim and proper Annie would ever roll around on the floor to be dramatic.

I got a little bit confused when everybody was “fake firing” at each other to teach the others a lesson.


First, Annie shoots Professor Professorson/Professor Wooley/Professor Garrity. Then Dean Pelton shoots Annie. Then Jeff shoots Dean Pelton. Annie shoots Jeff. Police officer shoots Professor Professorson/Professor Wooley/Professor Garrity.

Watch this video. It may make this a little less confusing. (Ignore the Imogen Heap music, that is not in the episode.)


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4 Responses to Episode 9: Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

  1. paigeski says:

    Although I don’t watch the show, I gotta say I totally appreciated the Spoiler Alert! You might have the same problem that I do when writing about 30 Rock; as a huge fan of the show, it’s hard not to watch the episode through rose-colored glasses.

  2. thadcar says:

    Haha, this episode was awesome. The tiny blowing up car? The fort? Terrific. I loved the ending scene with everyone shooting everyone. Great end to a fantastic episode.

  3. libby6789 says:

    I agree, great episode! Great post!

  4. Yeah, I thought this was a bit too confusing. I understand the writers used the crazy plot in a humorous manner, but I thought it was a bit much.

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