Season 2:: Episode 1 (SPOILERS)

All the woman at the school hate Jeff because he left Britta at the dance at the season finale in May earlier this year. Simply but in the movie-loving Abed, “in the eyes of the public, Britta put herself out there and you walked away, making her the underdog, the jiltee , the [Jennifer] Aniston.” Because of her new jilted status, she is a hero in the eyes of all the women at the school, and for the first time Britta is popular with woman. Britta has never been popular with women.

Our egotistical, Jeff Winger does NOT like the fact that everybody hates him. He decides to play a game with Britta. A game that if played correctly, she will lose and he will look good again. So in front of the whole class, he tells Britta that he loves her and wants to be with her. Both Britta, and obviously Jeff, know this is not true. BUT, Britta is in a tough place. If she admits that she doesn’t love him in front of everybody, then there will be a role reversal and Jeff becomes the “underdog, the jiltee, the Aniston.”  Britta knows this. So in front of the whole class she claims she loves him to. Only Annie, who secretly loves Jeff,  knows that it is all just a game.

The  fake relationship between Jeff and Britta is what drives the episode until it finally comes out near the end and nobody wants to be friends with each other. You’ll have to watch the rest of the episode to find out how all is resolved in the end, because, of course, it always is in a sit-com.

I like the fact that Jeff and Britta have such a complicated, competitive relationship. This element drives most of the conflict in most episodes.

Next week…or rather this week…funny man Drew Carey guest stars!

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Community Starts tonight!

Community starts today. So here are a the character bios from last season.

Joel McHale as Jeff Winger

The main character is Jeff Winger played by the Joel McHale. Prior to attending Greendale Community College, he was a successful lawyer, but the state bar association discovered that his degree was a fake. So, our over-confident, ladies man decides he has no choice but to go to the local Greendale Community College. He eventually starts a Spanish study group with a bunch of misfits. Throughout the first season Jeff learns the power of friendship and caring for the others in his study group. Essentially, they have created their own “community” where they learn about each other, support each other, and learn to be friends with each other despite their differences.

Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry

Britta is trying to get her life on track. She is a feminist, and often puts on the façade of anti-establishment, stick it to the man, and human rights activist. She is usually the voice of reason in the show, however, she is often made fun of by the rest of the group. There is a lot of sexual tension between her and Jeff. Britta and Jeff are often referred to as the mom and dad of the group.

Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir

Abed is a Palestinian American w ho dreams of making films. He often appears to be emotionless and detached in passing conversation. He is known for making television and movie references throughout the day comparing the his life and the lives of his friends to the characters, and plots of these shows and movies. It can probably be said that Abed’s best friend is Troy Barnes. Everyone in the groups often comments on their “strange relationship”. They often pull pranks together or make short films together at the end of each episode.

Donald Glover as Troy Barnes

Before attending Greendale, Troy used to be the football star of his high school and prom King. However, he injured himself costing him a scholarship to a good school playing football. He ends up with a bromance with Abed, each playing off each other with their peculiar sense of humor. He has no idea that Annie has had a crush on him. We find out in later episodes that Troy purposely allowed himself to be injured because the idea of a talent scout for a high school was too much pressure.

Alison Brie as Annie Edison

Annie is a very studious, slightly uptight student. Like Troy, she is a freshman at Greendale. She lost her scholarship and had to drop out of high school because she was addicted to Adderall and had to go to rehab. In most of the season, we know that she has a huge crush on Troy and did in high school as well. At Greendale, she is one of the brightest students in the group and very active in school activities. At Greendale, she is a writer for the school paper and on the debate team. Towards the end of the season, she stops crushing on Troy and starts dating Vaughn, a hippy that Britta used to date as well. At the very last episode, she tells everyone she will transfer to a school in Delaware with Vaughn, but decides against it, kissing Jeff at the end of the show.

Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennett

Shirley is a single mother of two children. She recently divorced her husband. She is a very sweet lady. However, she has problems with gossiping, minding her own business, and keeping secrets. She is the closest to Annie and Britta. She is an outspoken Christian, but doesn’t like the fact that everyone else in the group has different faiths. She even tries to get Annie (a nice Jewish girl) saved. She is at Greendale so that she can learn how to market her baked goods and have her own business.

Chevy Chase as Pierce Hawthorne

Pierce is a very wealthy entrepreneur. He is a “most towelette tycoon”. He tries very hard to be hip and in doing so says many sexist and racist remarks making him look like a douche bag. He attends Greendale College because he is lonely. He has been married seven times and has 32 ex-stepchildren. However, occasionally, he has wise insight when it is least expected . He believes he is Buddhist, but it is actually a ridiculous cult. He “wrote” Greendale’s school song and for one episode he was a member for Vaughn’s band. His relationship with Jeff is complicated. They insult each other, but it boils down to the fact that Pierce wants to be like the young Jeff and Jeff wanting to make sure he does not end up like Pierce in the future.

Ken Jeong is Señor Chang

The only principle character that isn’t in the study group is Señor Chang. He is the study group’s crazy Spanish teacher. He has angry problem, behaves irrationally and hates everybody at Greendale, students and faculty alike. We find out that his wife has left him and that is one small reason for his behavior. He rides a scooter and plays keytar. In the season finale we find out that he doesn’t actually have any teaching credentials and will be attending Greendale in the 2nd season as a student.

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I’m being forced to watch television for homework ALL SEMESTER!

This may be the most fun homework assignment I’ve had in college yet. Almost as fun as taking Astronomy and realizing that it was all complicated math and not stargazing…oh wait…But all kidding aside, I’m pretty excited about this assignment. I haven’t decided which television show to watch yet. Amy, my professor, said it would be easier to pick a 30 minute show. Of the shows I watch that would either be NBC’s The Office or Community. Both are absolutely hilarious. I’m leaning towards Community.

NBC’s Community has a special place in my heart because I’m a graduate (What up, Associates Degree?!) of Coastal Georgia Community College back down yonder in Southeast Georgia. I laugh at every episode because I KNOW these characters! They are experiences that I’ve gone through and laugh about now that I’m at a “real” college. So hopefully in the next few days I’ll decide officially which show I will decide to follow for this Tele assignment.


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